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Shopping …

Posted by on 09.04.2009

Today I went shopping. This in itself is interesting because I basically hate it. When I planned this trip I considered the exchange rate and that I actually needed some new clothes. This and a few other things made the decision pretty easy. One of my colleagues were recently in New York and she recommended the factory outlet area Woodbury Commons. The trip started at the Port Authority Bus Terminal where I caught a picture of a pigeon flying around looking for something 🙂

Pidgeon looking for a ride

Pidgeon looking for a ride (click image for large version)

Woodbury Commons

Woodbury Commons

The place was frankly much better than most shopping facilities I’ve visited in my life. It’s built like a small town centre with lots of smaller buildings with wide streets. You actually walk outside and get some fresh air betweent visits to the various shops. Prices are really very good – I bought a Seiko watch and saved approximately 250 dollars based on pricing in a couple of shops in Manhattan.

Back in Manhattan I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and went up the street to The Brooklyn Diner at 888th 57th street. This was a trip down memory lane for me. My first trip to NYC was in July 2001 with my friend Tor Erik. We stayed at the same hotel where I am now and we had our breakfast at Brooklyn Diner every day we spent in New York. It’s nothing spectacular, but the service is still great and the food is worth the cost.

Brooklyn Diner

Brooklyn Diner (click image for large version)

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